Brodie To The Rescue: A fairy tale story

This is the first time I have written in a very long time and the very first post about Brodie To The Rescue.  You may or may not now that I am the founding director of a non profit called The Brodie Fund and that we give grants to families, in need, that have pets diagnosed with cancer.   This particular blog is very exciting as The Brodie Fund not only helped a very special rescue organization and a very special cat, but it also announces a new part of The Brodie Fund that will officially launch in 2019.  We are so very proud to announce Brodie To The Rescue.  There are still I’s to be dotted and T’s to be crossed, but in 2019 we will officially launch this new mission, but for today I share one particular story, Giselle’s, as she was the very first official Brodie To The Rescue grant recipient.

As a cat lover, behaviorist, shelter volunteer and non profit director I follow so many rescues and shelters on social media.  I see pictures all the time from both terribly sad and incredibly heartwarming stories.  The Little Wanderers NYC has their share of both, but this one particular image of a cat, infested with fleas, with a giant tumor on her neck really grabbed me.  Then I read her story, cried for a bit and knew we just had to help.  I immediately reached out to Little Wanderers to find out more about this cat named Giselle.

Giselle’s story was one that I had heard before.  She was rescued from a hoarding house, severely malnourished, anemic and in general poor health.  Despite all of that you could see her sweet personality and desire just to be loved.  She was admitted to Blue Pearl ICU and was nursed back to health for a week, all of this happening while a foster mom was secured.  A good samaritan, an angel and experienced foster mom had seen the images I saw and she too knew she needed to help this sweet soul.

All of the wheels were in motion now.  The Brodie Fund would give a grant to help pay for the cost of Giselle’s tumor removal with The Little Wanderers supporters donating to pay the balance.  Everything was falling into place, even more that we could have imagined.

Giselle had her surgery at The Animal Medical Center in Manhattan and it went perfectly.  Not only did we get word that the surgery went well, but we were also told that the margins were clear and she was officially cancer free.  As if this wasn’t enough good news the best was yet to come.  Giselle was ready to go home.  Her foster mom, now FOREVER mom, was picking her up and taking her home.  More tears again, but tears of pure joy.  This was exactly why I wanted to start Brodie To The Rescue, but to have this happen with the very first grant all I could think was, meant to be.  Truly this was meant to be.

This weekend I drove to Queens and met with Giselle, now Edie, mom Amanda and Edie’s feline family, Paw Simon and CC Bloom.  I cannot express all of the emotions I felt and still feel.  From hoarding house, to cancer free to perfect forever home is a perfect fairy tale ending.  I am so very proud and honored that The Brodie Fund was a part of Edie’s journey and I can only hope she is the first of many more Brodie To The Rescue fairy tale endings.


p.s Amanda is not only Edie’s new mom, but has become a devoted volunteer for Little Wanderers NYC.


*Thank you to Lisa Winters and the amazing team at Little Wanderers NYC for everything you did to save Giselle.  Thank you to the amazing doctors at Animal Medical Center of Manhattan for taking such  good care of her and removing that horrible tumor.  And finally thank you to Amanda for giving Giselle, now Edie, a loving forever home.




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