Mama Mia Part Three: A Forever Home


It’s been a long journey for Mama Mia with bumps along the way, but worth every one as we now have a happy ending.

From the first day I saw her I knew she was special.  Every fiber of me felt we were meant to meet and that she was meant to be in a home.  I had no idea where she came from, how she was surviving and how long she had been living on her own.  I had seen her with kittens several times and tried trapping her with no success.  Then some time passed when I didn’t see her and I feared the worst until one day she hobbled into my yard once again needing my help.  That was the beginning of our everyday journey together.  I fed her, sheltered her, socialized her and eventually brought her into my garage as she was injured once again.  That injury changed her life forever.  I had to trap her, get her to the vet and did just that with a little help from a friend (thanks Lisa) I did just that.  Luckily she was FIV/FELV negative and quite healthy minus the abscess on her head.  They sedated her, gave her shots, a quick check-up and cleaned up the wound.  Now she had to stay in my garage for 7-10 days to recover and I needed a foster home ASAP.  Of course the stars aligned again for her.  She recovered very quickly, remembered how nice it was to be inside full time and a foster home was found.

The next several months she remained in her foster home with foster mom extraordinaire, Pam.  She worked her magic and Mama Mia blossomed with her love and attention.  She even had a roommate for a while and they happily shared her space.  As time went by Mama patiently waited while I plugged away trying to make the perfect match.  She spent her days enjoying a window, relaxing in lap time and getting her advance degree in muffin making.  Mama was ready for the next and last stop, the forever home.

My phone rang one morning in July and a very excited friend gave me the news.  She had friends, the perfect friends, who wanted Mama Mia.  Erica had hoped this match would be made for a long while, but the timing had not been right.  Sadly a kitty became an angel for Mama to find her home, but this was a very special home and clearly where she was destined to be.

I picked her up at her foster home where we both said very emotional goodbyes to foster mom Pam.  I can never repay her for the kindness, love and time she gave Mama Mia, but a loving forever home is truly the best gift of all.  Mama was wonderful on her car ride home and sweet as can be with me.  We arrived to our final destination with my heart filled with joy and a little nervous anticipation.  I brought her inside, we set up her room and then let her out to explore and meet her new mom and dad.  I had kept my expectations low as this was a huge change and there were 4 of us in the room with her.  So with breath being held by myself, Erica, Jane and Rocky we watched as Mama sweetly strolled out of the carrier and said a very brave, loving hello to her new mom and dad.  Tears of joy were shared and hugs all around.  Mama was finally home.

As of last week Mia is doing well and has even taken a liking to her brother Toby.  She is exploring more everyday and is taking her time getting to know her way around.  Jane and Rocky are patient, kind, loving and the perfect guardians for Mia.  I still get teary thinking of all we have been through and to know now she is so safe and loved.  This is no fairy tale, but does have a fairy tale ending.  Mama Mia will always have a special place in my heart, but now has her forever home.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible especially Scott, Lisa, Pam, Erica, Jane and Rocky.

(Thank you also to Little Silver Animal Hospital for taking such good care of her.)

IMG_4958 IMG_4957 IMG_4952 IMG_4950

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