Brodie’s Fight


So Monday begins the journey with our sweet Brodie and his fight against cancer. It’s an aggressive form called Nasal Carcinoma and as of now there is no cure, but we don’t care! He has amazing doctors and an amazing support system of family, friends and healers. We have chosen to go for the 3 1/2 weeks of radiation as the side effects are minimal and the time he will gain with all of us is precious. All of the decisions were made with Brodie being our guiding force. The decision was made only if he would feel good and enjoy a wonderful quality of life during treatment and after. He will. Without treatment it would be 2-4 months, but with this course he could have 2 years and I am saying out loud he will have more. You can never ever count out the what can happen with true happiness, true love and living each day to it’s fullest being in the moment. We will be supporting his immune system, I will be offering daily Reiki treatments and researching diet. Nothing but the best will be given and all with love. Our hearts our open to any and all prayers to keep coming and my door is open to friends who want to visit as I believe in the healing power of touch. Those of you who know and love Brodie know he loves a lap more than anything else in the world and those laps will help him heal. So now that the tears have dried and the fight in us to kick cancers ass has started I want to say thank you again for all everyone has already done and all that you will continue doing for Brodie.

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